Famous Men Who Have Had Cosmetic Surgery

Bruce Jenner

The 1976, Olympic gold medalist, has undergone countless cosmetic procedures before becoming Caitlyn Jenner. Some of the surgeries are multiple nose jobs, shaving down his Adam’s apple and face lifts with which he made his neck look a lot younger.

A lot of those cosmetic surgery procedures have been documented in reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Bruce Jenner was very open to the media after his transformation to Caitlyn and the media reacted well. She became a Twitter sensation overnight with Jon Stewart claiming he is amazed how well the media was covering her appearance.

Wayne Rooney

Hair transplant is his only known cosmetic procedure. The Manchester United legend has gone bald at the age of 25, so he decided to have a hair transplant. He openly talked about his hair transplant with the media claiming that he was delighted with the results and he had no regrets.

Simon Cowell

Botox is Simons favourite cosmetic procedure. The celebrated X Factor judge has admitted he had had a bit too much botox injections. After that, he admitted to using many different anti-aging techniques to stop his body from looking older. In one interview Cowell stated that he realized his mistakes after Sharon Osbourne joked about his face not moving.


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